Friday, May 31, 2013

The View Today

All the rain from last week caused flooding in many parts of Vermont, but it also made the grass grow high very fast.

This morning the farmers are across the road at one of the big fields mowing it down with their field green John Deere tractors.

They can mow this 50 acre field down in 90 minutes where it use to take a team of horses in 1940 an entire day.

The air is full of all the delicious smells of spring.

Last night I sat on the porch and watched the fireflys while also listening to the whippoorwills, tree frogs and peepers. It was a full symphony.

Have you been experiencing the sights and sounds of spring ?


  1. This morning, the warblers and Oven Birds have been prolific in their songs and calls. Last night, June Bugs were bouncing off the screens. The other day I was in my garden and go buzzed by a Hummingbird.

  2. Chicks hatching left and right....:)

  3. i can almost smell that grass. fresh cut grass is such a wonderful smell. we have had almost no rain. it is awful. all i do is water!

  4. How I miss fireflys! I'll bet it was so nice to sit on the porch and enjoy the sights and sounds!
    Our spring usually consists of wind, wind and more wind.

  5. Ah ... love all those night sounds, and the owls! I am treated to the lovely whippoorwills whenever we go to the outdoor player's theater 40 miles away. Love them!

  6. I'm not 100% sure of this, as my hearing's going, but it seems to me that we are just hearing the peepers down here. In the past I know I've heard them as early as March, so the end of May seems strange to me.

    Dawn chorus starts about 4 AM here. And I'm loving it still light at nearly 8 PM.