Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blue Roo # 2

Of the 4 pullet chicks I got in March. two have now turned into Roosters.

Unfortunately, both of the 2 Blue French Copper Marans were roosters.

I so wanted at least one pullet so I could have a few chocolate colored eggs every week.

Thankfully, the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and the "Mystery chick" have both remained pullets... so far.

#1 turned into a rooster at a mere 3 weeks of age when he started crowing.

#2 quickly morphed into a rooster several days ago, when he also started crowing and growing a comb and 2 giant feet.

Handsome, handsome.

I quickly placed an ad on craigslist and had 2 interested families in about 20 minutes.

Shawn drove 40 miles from Greensboro Vermont to add this boy to his growing flock.

 He is naming him "Frenchie."    The copper coloring around his neck and the blue feathers are just starting to come in.

Frenchie popped out of his transport box and rode in the back seat all the way to his new home.

So....... how many of your pullets, ducks, geese, etc have turned into males ?

HERE is the link to the story of my adventures going to get the chicks in March, including the holy blessing and the car accident.

HERE is the link to the first Roo story and the really nice family that I met.

More chicks will be coming soon and I hope some of them remain females!


  1. We have had that happen only twice, which probably isn't too bad. Love, love the new header picture!! :)

  2. I never knew they could turn from female to make like that. Could you find someone with too many females and trade with them?