Friday, May 17, 2013

Compost & Tractors

As I headed home the other day I saw a large pile of "something" sitting in my garden.  As I drove closer I recognized the long-awaited-for  magic three year old composted cow manure.  It was the best surprise!   I had been waiting a month for this wonderful stuff.

My only concern was spreading it around my garden as I was exhausted from having already worked at the community garden hand spreading compost on the 90 foot long asparagus patch.

I walked around the garden and enjoyed its robust aroma and figured I could spread it the next day when I had more energy.    There was enough to put 6-8 inches all over the garden and have some left over for a few extra gardens around the house.  I am ready to start planting!

Just as I headed to the house for something cool to drink I heard a wonderful sound coming up the road.

It was Bob the man who had rototilled the community garden earlier in the day.

Driving my favorite kind of tractor. 

What a sight for sore eyes.

He moved the compost around easily with his front end loader.

My knees and back thanked him.

And then he carefully rototilled the compost,  chicken manure and shavings into the garden soil to make a fertile blend for vegetables to grow and thrive.

When he finished he waved good bye and headed down the road to go rototill the next dirt divas garden.

How lucky I am to have a friendly neighbor who loves to play in the dirt as much as I do.

Thanks Bob!

Have you had your poop delivered for your garden ?


  1. You lucky lady and what a fabulous guy spiriting in, getting the job done and spiriting off to help the next person.
    I haven't had poop delivered but we do go and get it by the trailer load. Unfortunately our digger has a flat tyre so I'm having to barrow it myself.

  2. It's nice watching a man work up a good sweat, long as they look good! LOL

  3. Hooray for Bob!! If he's like most guys, he just enjoys an excuse to drive the tractor around! LOL!!