Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Trim'n

The spring flowers are bright and big and the flock is enjoying all the little bugs that are starting to crawl around in the sunshine amongst the flowers.

The two hormonal drakes are inspecting each and every bush and shub on the farm .

They trim every branch that they determine needs some "duckbill landscaping."

They have been very intent on shaping the forsythia bush into a beautiful form.
Who knew that deviate ducks had such good horticulture skills ?

Do your flocks trim or ruin ?


  1. this is so funny! i've never seen ducks do this!

  2. There are pros and cons to keeping chickens. On the positive side there is a marked decrease in the tick and japanese beetle population, but the rearranging of one's plants without permission is almost unacceptable!

  3. Following from Inspire Me Mondays at Create With Joy.

    All we have right now are 7 dogs and one cat, plus a neighborhood cat that hangs out more at our place than wherever he really belongs. But when we finally get a house of our own, I'd love to have some chickens and maybe a cow or two. Luckily there is a family that goes to our church who already does this, although I enjoy reading about online friends' experiences as well. :O)

  4. I do not have any deviant ducks, chomping chicks, or gigantic geese.

  5. Maybe they are trying to trim the bush into the shape of a female duck! LOL!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the chickens, I was raised with them and enjoyed watching them, your have such character. They do make good bug eliminators, and the ducks, well they sound talented!! Here is an invitation, to join us in WW.
    Oh My Heartsie WW" w/Linky
    Have a great day!!