Thursday, January 5, 2012

Barns of Peacham

I have discovered Peacham and I am liking what I have found.

Quiet rural back roads, old barns, open fields, great views.

The barns are BIG.

The barns are RED

Loved all the windows on this one.

Newer barns.  Very nice. 

Big new fencing highlights the field and the barns.

Nice design style, well thought out so that people and livestock stay dry and secure.

Peacham is one of the first Vermont towns.

You can drive through "downtown" in 4 seconds.

Great General Store with Vermont products and friendly customers.

In its September 2005 issue, Yankee Magazine designated Peacham as the best village in New England. "Of all the villages in New England, Peacham (population 665) is unsurpassed."

A vintage hard working barn.

Needs some repair to keep it weatherized.

A barn with actual shutters in good condition.

This barn was added on to years ago for better hay storage.

Many of the old barns built in 1776 when this town was settled have been added on vertically and horizontally.

There are several "barns inside of barns" in this area.

The kind of barn I would love to come home to.

Acessable, cute, well built and I hear it calling my name....

I have barn envy.

Barns are built on hillsides since this is a mountainside town.

Vermont has made hillside farming an art form.

Barns of all sizes.  Really like this pair.

Wonderful winter decorations all over town and in the rural areas too.

I am going back to see more.



  1. Janis, I so enjoyed your post on historic houses, but especially the post on barns. I too have barn envy, someday I vow to have a big old red barn here at Dog Trot. I must say your corn muffins were the best looking muffins I have ever seen! Would you be willing to share the recipe? Happy New Year to you and yours, Julie.

  2. Love the pictures...Vermont barns have character!

  3. So many barns...sooo little time to paint them!

  4. I love your Vermont.

  5. Love all the rustic barns...nice shots

  6. I have fallen in love with Peacham just by looking at your photos.

  7. Incredible barns! What a wonderful town Peacham seems to be...the history and rural atmosphere; the charm! Wow!

  8. Oh, my this is a wonderful every single pic you showed us.

  9. Very pretty! I would love to visit there!

  10. beautiful barns! peacham looks like my kind of town!

  11. I am glad you found Peacham... what a fascinating place and such great barns. I love the closeup of the door on the first one and the odd shaped windows in the red one further down.

  12. Fantabulous plethora of barns! LOVE!

    Thank you so much for joining =)