Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cow Chute

I never know what I may find as I drive the back roads and mountain streams.

Today I found a portable cattle chute 18 miles from home.

My neighbor is looking to borrow one to work his cattle in because the Department of Agriculture's "loaner" chute got drowned and destroyed during Hurricane Irene.  So there was none to lend, until I went a driving over hill and dale and saw this vintage beauty sitting in a field with nothing to do....

It ain't pretty and it looks like it will jostle our old bones some, but it will get the job done.

Needs some oiling, that's for sure.

Hope we can talk to the owner and get it borrowed some day.

Any other suggestions on how to get this ancient chute up and running smoothly ?



  1. I'm not up on my cow chutes, but it sure looks like it would cause some teeth to rattle as it rumbles down the road.

  2. I never knew a cow chute existed. Now I will never forget it. I love learning something new.

  3. make sure all the release catches are moving freely , check the floor and oil it. One thing about those old soldiers is they were built to last!