Friday, January 27, 2012

Soggy Cow Breakfast

Last night at 8 pm the snow came. I was happy.

I expected to wake up to a winter wonderland.

I did not.

At some point in the night it all turned to rain and lots of it.

The cellar and garage are flooded.  The garage has never flooded before.

All attempts to direct the water away from the building has failed.

The roads have 3 inches of water on them and it has nowhere to go.

Worse yet was that the cows were not happy this morning either.

Wanda was giving me the "hairy eyeball" look as I moved towards the hay rack, showing me her displeasure with my lateness with her favorite meal.

Thankfully, all our hay made on this farm was wrapped this summer since we did not have a barn to store it in. So the hay is dry, tasty and very nutritious.  Wanda approves.

It makes me happy to see the cows munching on hay that is as fresh as it was on the day it was made, wrapped up and stacked.  It smells sweet and warm, exactly like it did in July.

By the time I finished watering the cows and cutting the plastic and twine off the "breakfast bale" I was soaking wet. Even though I had dressed warm and worn my heavy duty raincoat.
Sitting on a slushy, wet, freezing tractor seat really chills the bones.
And soaks the bottoms of my carhart pants.

The cows don't seem too bothered with all the rain.

They are more bothered with the fact that I spent too much time trying to redirect the flood waters away from the house.

Cows wear watches and they always know when its feeding time.  They insist on punctuality.
If you are tardy, they will let you know.

Wanda is my time keeper cow.

I imagine many people are experiencing flooding and water issues today.

I am very thankful that all this rain didn't turn to ice as it was predicted to.  That would of been disastrous and.......the cows would of had to wait even longer for "meals on wheels" since it would of taken me longer to slide down the road to feed them. There would of been a mutiny

It is such a miserable day that the streets in the village are empty.  That is very unusual.

Hope you and your livestock are all staying dry. 

I am going to need my kayak to get to the cows tomorrow if this rain doesn't stop.



  1. This winter's weather sure has been a mess, hasn't it?! Our barnyard is a muddy mess. I have to laugh at your description of cow "mutiny" if they're not fed on time. I know EXACTLY what you mean! Hope you can soon dry out up there!!

  2. I popped over from As the Crackerhead crumbles. I'm going to assume that the hairy eyeball look is not a good thing :) We've gotten more rain than snow so far this winter but at least no flooding thank heavens

  3. Far too much rain here, nowhere near enough snow. The water didn't come into the cellar at first, just absolutely enormous puddles as the ground was frozen from no snow.

    Then midday yesterday the driveway thawed and the cellar is flooding bad. The water table is so high it just comes into the cellar.

    So far the barn yards aren't bad and, knock wood, there's not been much ice. I'm sooo not looking forward to this sort of thing for future winters.

  4. that looks miserable , I have to admit I prefer dry and cold to the wet

  5. Janis, I've said it before, your cows are absolutely gorgeous creatures, rain and all... I'm glad neither you nor they were hurt in the rain.