Thursday, January 12, 2012

Horse Dreams

Another great day, another wonderful adventure.

More barns and a few unusual equines.

I saw these yearlings and had to stop and talk with them.

They were all ears.

I observed a few different traits on these youngsters and was curious enough to try to find out what kind of horse they were.  I had my suspicions.

With determination and persistence I got my answer.

Wish I had a few of these myself.  I would even trade one of my cows for one.

And I never say that.

Guess the breed......  Don't be shy.

And whats your favorite breed AND color combination for a horse?

"If wishes were horse, we would all ride." 

I am still wishing and waiting to find one on my front lawn.....



  1. Janis, I must admit I am intimidated by horses. I have riden a handful of times, but never reached the comfort level I had hoped for. I love the big old Draft horses, the beautiful Percheron and majestic Haflinger. I think I had better stick with chickens! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  2. Been a long time since I tried to guess a breed in a fuzzy winter coat. But the long legs and the higher rump than withers makes me suspect Standardbred.

    At the first pics, the big barrels made me think Quarter horse, but those long legs... maybe racing quarter horses?

  3. I'm not that knowledgeable about the characteristics of the various breeds. In looking at the ear shape, eye set and head I think I see Morgans.

  4. They're MORGANS... and I wish, wish, wish I would find one tied to the tree in my front yard next Christmas!

  5. I wish I'd find one tied up in my yard too. From the time I was 6 years old, 60 years ago, I've wanted a horse. I took my first riding lessons at 12 or so on a lovely Morgan mare and have wanted one ever since. Probably at my age, it isn't going to happen.

  6. Good guessing!!

    However, they are a gaited breed:

    Here is the website.

    They have a nice blog too.
    You may recognize some of the faces.

  7. Morgans? I don't have a favourite breed of horse but I am kind of partial to Simmental cows now. :-)

  8. No clue here on the breed...but they sure are pretty horses.

  9. I love horses, but have never had one and probably never will. But I always stop to talk to them. These are sure pretty. I think I've always liked the ones with blonde manes, but really, I'm not choosy.

  10. really enjoy the 1st shot. those clouds are beautiful. ( :