Monday, January 16, 2012

Muffin Fires, Ice & Bloomers

Day 3 of the New Ice Age.

Just a "regular" -12 F degrees on the outside thermometer here this am.  Don't know what the wind chill is, and I would rather not know.

The bushes and trees are frozen

The tractor is frozen, even though it was plugged in all night.

Got a pipe that's frozen, even though we had heat on it.

(Plumber is on his way.)

I am frozen, even though I have 4 layers of clothes on and a cup of hot chocolate in my hand.

Its so cold outside the mailbox door broke in half.

Cows are fine, birds are eating all my sunflower seeds and suet and my geranium is blooming.

Bean soup for supper.

Dreaming about planting squash, beans and melons.

Murray McMurray catalog is on the way. (Lord, give me strength and self control)

Searching for Appleyard ducks to be my "weapons of mass snail destruction" but can't seem to find any.

For all of you folks who asked me to share my secret, yummy corn bread recipe, here it is:

Follow the complete, exact instructions on the back of the box.

Add 2 tablespoons of local honey and use only fresh eggs and the taste will amaze you.

Because of my muffins there is a rumor going around town that I am a fabulous cook. I was utterly shocked when I heard it!

Now, everyone is asking me to bring my corn bread muffins to every event I attend.  Even the church ladies want me to make 10 dozen for their bake sale.  

I hate rumors.    Little do they know that the smoke alarms in my home get a screaming workout twice a week and...

We just had to replace one of the fire extinguishers 2 weeks ago because of one of my cooking adventures.

But the muffin recipe is simple, usually fire-less and quick to do.




  1. Brrr...I hope you have a cozy house! :) How do you keep water running at those temps? Do you have energy-free drinkers for your animals those won't freeze up? Just curious!

  2. Thank you for sharing your corn muffin recipe, I believe farm fresh eggs are the secret ingredient to most recipes. My kitchen fire extinguisher is filled and ready, just in case. Ten below here this morning, I feel your pain. Stay warm, Julie.

  3. We were only -5F yesterday at 7 AM. A far cry from the -25F we've had for the previous 2 winters. Snowing this morning.

    The chicken coop was 20F and the lamps kept the waterer from freezing. But the cows' buckets were kicked out 3 times yesterday.

    Very funny about your fame with the muffins! Best not let your secret out! Ooops, too late.

  4. Great "frozen" pictures..
    ohh and when the pans "fire" up I just tell everyone I am cooking Cajun blackened style!

  5. And here I am complaining about a mere 22 degrees! But for warm, sunny California - that's COLD! Just took hot water to the horses' water trough and rid it of its ice - sun's on its way! Please keep your ice cold weather to yourself, will ya?!

  6. Well, Janis, I know you are not a fabulous cook so I am debunking that myth. Ok smile, someone has to take you down there, girl. Sorry to hear about the frozen pipe but there are many here in Central Vt who have that problem. Best thing to do is use a hair dryer on it for about 15-20 minutes as that is slow and you have to thaw the pipe carefully so it does not break. Say hi to all those cows for me, hope they are all doing well.

  7. Janis,
    That's my favorite cornbread "recipe" too. Now I'm going to add a little honey next time!

    Stay Warm!