Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robins in January ???

For 2 days there have been hundreds of Robins perched on all the sumac trees.

Usually we do not see Robins until April.

Everytime I went outside to get a photo, they all flew away.

So it was hard to get a great photo of 6 on each branch.

They are a busy bunch.

There are dozens of sumac trees full of berries around the big fields so I think these wayward Robins will be here awhile.

They are all very beautiful, very vocal and very free with their "fertilizers".....

I am glad I didn't cut down the sumac tree near my garden because a good number of the robins have been sitting and shi.......ing on my garden and compost pile for 2 days.

Lucky me.

Anyone else in a cold zone have robins?



  1. I have a picture some where of last winter, we had deep snow and a huge flock of Robins behind our house. So you are not alone.

  2. What I have read is all Robins migrate south but not all Robins migrate truly far south. Here on the coast of Maine, we get Newfoundland and PEI Robins over wintering. Our Robins probably go to New Jersey or Virginia. In northern VT you probably have Robins of the French speaking variety from Quebec.

  3. We had a flock of robins here next to the house last week. We were further south this afternoon and saw several flocks heading north.

    The flickers never left this year. Some robins have wintered over for the last couple years, as have some redtail hawks.

    I've seen several flocks of geese following the river north in the last couple weeks.

    And I have snowdrops flowering in the south garden since last week, and that's a first.

  4. It does seem odd, but we do in deed have winter robins here in Maine. Think spring!

  5. I'm from Michigan and saw some Robins today!