Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daughters of the American Revolution

I found an old building with a lot of history, not far from a main road by the river last week.

I would of driven right by it ( since it was not a barn..) if I had not seen the DAR sign.

It got my curiosity up so I got out and read the bronze sign and got educated.

The present State House is 50 miles away from here in Montpelier. It is further inland and a little more central.  Montpelier is the smallest state capital in the nation.

This building is still well used for meetings, gatherings and events.

More Info about this building and the D.A.R. organization at:     http://www.dar.org/

There is a well kept barn not far from where the DAR building is.

Simple holiday decorations accent the architecture of the building.

An old garden shed window with a collection of bottles suggests how old this gardener may be....

I am still exploring this new area and finding lots of treasures.



  1. Very cool! That area is abounding in history...I would love to visit! Thanks for sharing with us!