Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bumper Stickers

These are the latest bumper stickers I saw at a conference.

I have also seen some really good ones on the back of trucks recently.
I love a good vanity plate or practical bumper sticker.

Have you seen any good ones lately ?

Got a favorite ?


  1. It's amazing how much rain this winter has brought in places where snow should have been. In one day, all the snow we had went away because of the rain. We are slowly, ever so slowly, starting to see dry ground in places. But it is a slow process. I won't wash my car until the lane is completely would be a waste of my time! :)


  2. Both of my sons sport this bumper sticker on their trucks, "NO FARMS NO FOOD." Blessings, Julie.

  3. I have Eat More Domestic Rabbit and My Pet Makes Me Breakfast.
    I also have My Search Dog Can Find Your Honor Student In The Woods.
    I am a bumper sticker reader and I really love the vehicles that have multiple chapters.