Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cow Hero

My hero is coming to Vermont.      


Temple Grandin is coming to talk about humane handling of livestock.

 If fate is on my side I will have not only a front row seat at the workshop, but will be driving her to Logan Airport later...... Use your imagination..... Janis & Temple in the same vehicle.....

Click on the link above to read the info about her planned arrival in Vermont.

     Register for the workshop on January 21st.

My cows are making "Welcome" signs!

It should be an incredible experience.

Don't miss out.



  1. Lucky you! Temple is an admirable person. I've read some of her books.

  2. Grandin is indeed an amazing woman. My daughter had her for a class on animal behavior at Colorado State and what totally impressed with her. You will be in rare company.

  3. How wonderful for you. I did not know who Temple Grandin was until I watched the movie about her life staring Claire Danes. Soon after I discovered articles and stories written by Miss. Grandin.She in did is a remarkable women. I am looking forward to future posts. Enjoy. Julie

  4. I know!! You and Temple in the same car.... I did so wish I could go...

  5. How wonderful! and exciting , I am sure you will truly enjoy and gain from the experience

  6. I am a regular follower but just don't comment super often ... had to say I'm so excited for you and Temple visiting!! I saw the movie about her and was just amazed by all she's accomplished. It brought me to tears. She is such an inspiration!

  7. Oh my goodness! You are so lucky! She's my hero too.

  8. My son is Autistic. Temple Grandin is pure inspiration. Did you get to drive her?
    I love your blog. I happened across it from As The Crackerhead Crumbles link. I must say though--I am STARVING now from all your wonderful food pics!! :)