Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cabin Fever: Food, Fellowship & Music

There is nothing like a winter Community Church Dinner on a weekend.  By March everyone has cabin fever and need to get out and socialize.
Everyone brings food and a big smile.
It all happens so fast I had no time to take a "before" photo, so here is what it looked like after the "food stampede" to fill plates and cups.

The dessert table was left in shambles.
These church folks know how to cook and bake!

Most of the foods on the tables were locally grown and raised.
The turkey in the cooker below was named Rupert.
He was the last turkey slaughtered last Christmas at my neighbors farm.

As we ate desserts, musicians got up and started playing.
Celinda, from the church choir, made the piano rock with her rendition of a 1695 Irish song written by a blind man of that era.    The next song was Roll Out The Barrels.

Next up was Brian and the Muddy Roads.    Their songs were creative and passionate.
Everyone was singing, tapping their feet and participating in the fun.
There is some real talent up in these mountains!

Met new people.   Some folks drove all the way from New Hampshire for the food and social interaction.

Can't wait for the next Community Dinner.
Go to one if you have a chance.


  1. I love O'Carolan's music! Down here the dinners are strictly a money making event. I wish I were close enough to go to yours!!

  2. Rupert, really? My kind of outing, good food and fine entertainment!