Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eagle Eye

As I drove down the road in the morning, I saw a large black object a good distance ahead, way up in a tall tree by the river.

My first thought was that it was just a large plastic bag that had been blown up into a tall tree, since it has been so windy around here and I have a tendency to mistake unusual things for bird sightings.

I took 20 colorful photos of a "family" of turkeys out in a field a few summers ago only to find out they were just tufts of mud...

So, I didn't get too excited about what might be a bag in a tree...until I was about 50 yards away and then I got a tingle down my spine.

I drove as close as possible and just started taking photos from a distance, half thinking it could still be a bag in a tree.

I knew I was on to something when a vehicle passed me and then did a 360 in the road and came back to look.  The passenger had a camera and started taking photos from her side of the road.

There was no safe place to pull off the side of the road, since both sides were muddy ditches, so I took about 100 photos of a large dark object in a tree.

I rushed home and was relieved to see I got a few good photos and that the object of my focal point was indeed a huge American Bald Eagle.

Another great day in Vermont!



  1. I know they're around, but I've yet to see one in person. Beautiful!

  2. Amazing to be able to see one!!!
    Linda in Mississippi

  3. Fabulous photos of the eagle. We remember a day when they were on the endangered species list, and now there are more and more sightings. They are such gorgeous birds.

  4. We see them often here because we are fortunate to have a raptor rehab person who has succeeded in captive breeding of unreleasable (from injury) eagles. He's put out eggs in various nests along the Connecticut river resulting in a gradual increase in the number of birds. We saw one over the farm about 5 days ago.

  5. I live in Madison, WI and was surprised to see one right in a neighborhood I was driving through! I saw something huge flying and knew it was bigger than our common Red Tailed Hawk ... sure enough, it was a bald eagle. It was high in a tree in front of a house and as I pulled up and put my window down to watch him, his head moved and he was staring right at me! It was wonderful to see one so close up.

  6. Truly magestic, wonderful photo, lucky you!