Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dirt Cowboy

Like everyone else, I have taken full advantage of the unusually warm weather.

On Monday I planted peas and last night I carefully planted some Iceberg lettuce in my front garden.

I dropped other seeds in my other various smaller gardens as well. As I looked at my calender I noted that it would be another 6 weeks before my garden was formally tilled. 

So imagine my surprise when....

Today I came home to find my favorite sign of spring; The rototiller man!!!

Earliest ever!!!

He rode the metal machine with style and dexterity around my largest garden.  As planned, the garden was enlarged.  Monster rocks were dug up and removed. The boundaries extended.

Unfortunately he rototilled my parsnips before I arrived.  I rescued a few, but the rest will be organic compost....

It was cool and breezy so he took his time navigating his machine around my fertile garden.

The air was full of the aroma of sweet spring soil.   Indescribable.  Wish it could be bottled.
I have been smelling whifs of it for several weeks.  That special smell inspired me to start lots of seeds in the house since February 2nd.

As I enlarged the borders of the garden and planned my "map" of where my seeds would be planted, I heard above me another springtime sound.

Canada Geese.    Coming home.

They headed for the nearby river for the night, flying low over my herd before landing.

I have dirt under my fingernails, on my pants, and on the bottoms of my boots, and I am content.

Don't waste a moment.



  1. I love the smell of dirt in the springtime, and love getting dirt under my fingernails in the garden! That soil looks wonderful! Happy planting!

  2. I agree, DON'T waste a moment. I did not get my peas, lettuce, or spinach planted, when I heard we(Maine) may have a frost and snow this week, I chickened out. You will have to keep us posted. I did however, get the chicken yard and a couple of my small gardens tilled. Enjoy the day, there is dirt under my fingernails too!