Monday, March 19, 2012

Push'n Seeds

The snow is gone, the robins have been here for a week, the finches have changed colors, the male red wing black birds have returned and all the Canada Geese are all paired up and nesting by the rivers and ponds.  I heard peepers Saturday night and my neighbor saw a toad hopping across her driveway last evening.
The calender says its March, but the sun, sky, birds and soil are saying its JUNE.Its been in the high 70's and low 80's for several days and more coming.
It's hard to ignore, especially when your entire body wants to plant stuff and grow.
I broke my piggy bank and bought some great potting soil to start my seeds.

Most of my seeds arrived in February.
And I swapped seeds with friends and garden club members.   More seed swapping in April will happen too.
Also have lots and lots of seeds I saved from last year.

I warmed up the soil for a few days in my heated mud room.
Now its plant'n time!

Its also chicken fever time!!!   More about that later.

Are you seed starting yet ?
Got your chick order in yet ?
What are you doing different this year in your garden or coop?


  1. Lovely blog! I'm a "grew up on the farm" girl, living in town...(no chickens, unfortunately, but I want some SO badly!) ~ but we are gardening ~ we have had 70s and 80s (80 today)for the past couple of weeks, too, and I'm starting seeds...have not actually planted anything outside...
    So nice to meet you!
    (I'm a follower!)

  2. I started seeds in February and a batch every 2 weeks after. I will continue starting them every 2 weeks until May 15th. When I start I wet the seed starting mix with warm water, plant and set them near the wood stove. Many will come up in 2-3 days, if the stove's burning. (It's not been, much, this year.)

    I can't believe you've had 80's up there!! We've hit 70's a couple times down here. They threatened 80's but it never happened.

    Peepers started up here a couple nights ago.

    I placed my chick order in January to be sure I got what I wanted.

    This year I am doing wide beds vs. rows in the gardens. I am also going to use cover crops (NZ clover) on some because finding cheap/free mulch hay has become really hard.

  3. Yup, we started seeds. Yup, we got our chick order in!
    Since we just moved to our farm last summer, we have plenty of work ahead, just to build our gardens. At our old house we had three raised beds and here I will be putting in 12 beds, double the size of the old ones!

  4. I've been starting seeds since January. Need to transplant the original tomatoes again. It feels like spring outside, but I'll be keeping everything indoors until at least May. I lost a lot to a late freeze last year.

    In the coop, I'm only ordering a few replacement hens. We've been spoiled with our turkeys this winter, so I'm opting for more turkeys and no meat chickens this year.