Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blue Monday PEEPS !

I picked up my chicks yesterday.

I used a lot of self control and only came home with 4 instead of 20.

You have 60 seconds to guess the breeds.

Starting ...right now......!

Here is a hint;

The word Blue is included with the breeds.

Second hint;

Here are some of the parents.

Can you guess these breeds ?

 Last hint;

Here is the mother of two of them.

My chicks had a harrowing ride home.   We saw a blue car that went of the road and crashed into a snow covered guardrail. The family was trying to dig themselves out of the mess with their hands. I had a shovel so I pulled over to help and put my emergency flashers on.  The peeps stayed in my front seat looking at my cow magazines while I helped with the rescue mission.

I took the peeps to my local library so I could show my librarian and get them their very own library card.
I also had them blessed by an ex priest so they would all be pullets.... and stay pullets!
For you new comers, my poultry tends to begin as females and then turns into males.... 
Really. So even though the hatcher of the chicks said these are sure to be females, I feel even better now that a former priest-turned-handman has blessed my new baby flock.

Then we slid home and I put them in their new brooder.

 They ate and drank and walked around for 15 minutes and then collapsed into a heap and fell fast asleep.

Have you guessed the breeds yet ?

Want to know ?

Blue Laced Red  Wyandottes and Blue Copper Marans. 2 of each.
The black ones are the Blue Marans

A real Blue Monday !

What do you have in your brooder?!


  1. how cute! i can't wait to watch them grow!

  2. Awwww, they are adorable!
    Fingers crossed for blessing of the PULLETS!!!! xxxx

  3. I don't own any livestock or fowl (or any land to put them on for that matter). but I sure have enjoyed looking & learning about yours. Whew, quite a harrowing first outing for these cute female (double crossing fingers& toes chicks).I will be looking to see if you end up with lots of fresh eggs down the road.
    Good thing you had that shovel with you and were good enough to stop and did those people out. I bet they were glad to see you too.
    The geese on the previous post are the finest looking geese that I have ever seen, In fact, all of your animals look like they just stepped out of a story book. Exceptionally white, clean & beautiful - you should be very proud of raising such good looking beasts. The Subarus do look like Jimmy Durante with those snozzy bills & beady, but mesmerising blue eyes.
    After two days in a row of such wild animal adventures, I hope you have an uneventful day to recoop (tee hee).

  4. Oh I love that they were reading cow magazines:) They are so cute.
    It was lucky you came along to help the family. Good for you and them. B

  5. Janis, I just love that you are a person of action and that you stopped to help those people. good on you! and yay for peeps!

  6. Little fuzzy darlings...!

  7. Love the little peeps! We raised our first flock of Barred Rocks from chicks, but now that we have several cats...and a dog who acts like, well, a dog...we buy them as 16-18 week old pullets. I miss the soft cheeping and the downy feathers sometimes.

  8. Oh, I like your blue Monday... a sure sign of spring has arrived at your house! Six new chicks will be arriving in May to come and live here at Dog Trot Farm.I have been pretty lucky in the rooster deparment. I do have two banty roosters, father and son, hatched from a broody hen that I took pity on. Won't happen again. LOL Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  9. We are supposed to see some at a children's museum next week, I hope they are ready to hatch.
    Stopping by from the WW blog hop, please link up http://savegreenbeinggreen.blogspot.com/2013/03/wordless-wednesday-snow-day-with-linky.html

  10. I love little peeper people! Jeez, I hope the blessing works and they stay pullets! :)

  11. well i would never have been able to guess but they sure are cute...you have a lot of self control to only come home with 4!

  12. So cute :) But then they grow up ;) My neighbor has chickens and shares her eggs with me, so I will let her do the work and reap the rewards! LOL!

  13. Well 1 of the mothers is a gold laced wyandote. Before I saw the other hen, I would have guessed Blue Moran, but they must be Americaunas???

  14. Those are some beautiful ladies! I'm sure their babies will grow up to be too! : )

  15. They sure are cute, but I never would have guessed the breed. I hope they enjoyed the magazine :-)

  16. So cute! and glad they were alright while you were helping with that crash! Scary stuff!

  17. Those chicks are so cute and beautiful! Too bad, I'm not good in guessing. :)

    Stopping by from WW- hope you can stop by...


  18. i don't have anything in my brooder unfortunately, not even a baby horse....

    they are darling...

  19. Quite a day! Glad you helped rescue the family. I posted peeps today too but did not bring any home!

  20. When I saw the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about those marshmallow Peeps they sell at the store this time of year. Your peeps are much cuter!! =>

  21. I think your chicks ar lovely

  22. I have to tell my chicken story, my grandmother raised chickens and I wanted to see where the egg came from so I sat quietly in the chicken coop and waited until the chicken started to lay her egg and lifted her up to watch her drop her egg, I discovered 2 things, that the egg was not hard and answered my question. Your chickens are pretty ones, she only grew the white ones. Thanks for stopping by Fairy Garden WW this week
    Fairy Gardens w/Linky

  23. Oh I almost ordered those same Wynadottes last year but they were sold out. They are so pretty! nothing in our brooder yet, but we will have Jersey Giants, Buff Orpingtons, and Araucanas.

  24. they are so cute. Hoping you are getting eggs from them {:-Deb

  25. How could I possibly guess the breeds when I'm sitting here saying, 'Awwww...awwwww...awwwww...'

    I love baby anythings.

    And I'm impressed with your willPower that you didn't bring home 40!

    Thanks for the smile.


  26. I loved your chick story. I am happy rooster #1 will not end up in the pot. We had Rhode Island Red hens, because my mom and dad liked brown eggs. When our hens would set - dad would buy some baby chicks to put under them. As they grew older, we had fried chicken. Roosters were first.