Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Scenes

Busy morning.

The hens decided to dig up the pansys that I had just planted.....

I headed to recycling with 5 bags of paper, cans, glass, and 50 plastic containers.
On my way I went to see the herd.
The cows were itching off their winter coats and the calves were enjoying the shade from inside the old pig shelters.

I wet and checked out the community gardens to see who was planting this morning.

 Earlier in the week the community garden plots were measured off and the deer fencing started to go up.
Its been a very intense project getting this garden ready for people to raise their own healthy food.

I will post a more detailed blog post about it next week.

The two pullets are now free ranging further around the property and have been exploring all the blackberry bushes and the asparagus patch. I am so happy that these two have not turned into roosters like the rest did.

All the inside plants were moved outside to enjoy the sunshine this morning.

I love this yellow hibiscus.

I hope the snow is really gone.  A week ago we had a small snow squall and a downpour.  Some places got 5-12 inches of snow. My garden and coop was covered with about 2 inches. What a sight it was!

 The hay across the road has been raked into windrows so it could be blown into huge trucks and transported to the local dairy farm.  They were trucking the green chop out until 9:30 last night and started again at 6 am today.

They have processed several hundred acres in the past 2 days.

 A local green thumb gardener donated 20 large perennials so that the local health clinic could beautify their little flower garden at their driveway entrance. I volunteered to go get the plants this mroning and organize a planting party for tonight at 7 pm when it is cooler to weed, plant and mulch.

I traded rhubarb for these plants.  All different kinds and all different colors.
In a month my garden club will come to this location for a full garden tour when everything is in full bloom.   

On my way home I saw the cows in a different field up on a hill, under the apple trees, chewing their cud and swatting at flies.

My favorite cow, Wanda, recognized my truck and gave me a nod of acknowledgment.

Time for lunch.

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and beet greens.  Beef from my farm friend, potatoes from my garden last fall and beet greens from another farm up the road.

What have you been doing today and what did you have for lunch??

Happy June!!


  1. happy june to you too janis! i was in the garden at 4:00 am watering in the dark. later in the morning, we took teddy and headed to amish country where i bought 3 more tomato plants. now i have planted 50. i also bought more peppers too. it is horribly hot here once again. it poured for about 2 seconds this morning so not nearly enough to do any good. i sure hope we get rain soon! joyce

  2. Oh I do hope my Hibiscus will be as pretty as yours. I was given mine 3 years ago and it hasn't flowered yet, thanks to the biting cold winds which have stopped it developing each summer. This year I have sheltered it from the wind by standing the pot in my Gazebo; the mesh sides let the sunshine in, but keep the worst of the wind out. At present it has about 2cm of green leaf just starting to grow out from the branches, so I do hope I see a flower or two this year. My camera will be at the ready . . . .

  3. We have deer on our campus but they never bother the community gardens or the horticulture department vegetable, rose and flower gardens because they have plants around them which repel the deer. Works great!!

  4. Hi
    I found you at Inspired Me Mondays. Looks like a full fun day. We are waiting to plant next weekend. We live further north and we want to be sure no more frost.