Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Air Conditioned Barn

As I was driving on a rural highway, I happened to see an air conditioner sticking out of a barn window.  Never saw anything like that up here before.  Of course I wasn't sure if thats what I saw as I wizzed by at 40 mph.

There was no where to pull over so of course I had to go way down the road and come back to get these photos.

Yep, its an air conditioner.

This barn has been made into a house.  There is a number on the door.
Pretty neat.

Would love to get a tour of this barn,

I will have to drive by more often and see if anyone is ever home.

Judging from these hand made hinges this is a 1860's era barn.

Do you live in a barn or have a home made out of reclaimed barn wood?

Ever seen AC in a barn ?



  1. Never saw an AC in a barn. There's a tobacco shed here in town that's been turned into a house, but it has many more windows than this one.

    All our paneling and wainscoting in the house is made from the barn boards from our barn. We resided it when we bought it in '83.

  2. Good morning...yes my husband and I have lived in a barn..the living room and kitchen was downstairs, washer and dryer in kitchen, and 1 bedroom and bathroom upstairs...quite cozy. Very small closet..just one, and very little storage, which was under the stairs. It also had a screen porch. The outside had never been painted. There was a small back deck, a covered place to park the car and a little work area where my husband kept his saws. We lived there 3 years.It's was quite an experience when a strong storm came through because it was over 50 years old, we did not know if it would withstand the severe weather. But we ride by on occasion and it is still standing and still occupied.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Smiles and huggs