Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spud Saturday

The weather was perfect today to get some crops in the ground.

7 days ago I cut my Yukon Gold potatoes in half and let them harden off.

I dug a pretty trench and laid each special spud out using my special grazers measuring stick. 

I covered the trench and planted a few marigolds to keep the potato bugs away. 

I then took a little road trip to my local farmer who had lots of started veggies and flowers available in her green house.  I succumbed to the colors and the aromas.  I even got some started sweet corn.

 I have lots of started plants too, but I thought I would get a few that I did not have.

Celery, Brussels sprouts and Banana peppers will be my experimental crops this year in my main garden.

In my hillside garden I have already planted Banana squash and Banana melons. More experiments. 

Its a Banana year.

Before the sun set on this fine Vermont day, I put in some head lettuce, romaine and black seeded lettuce too.

My garden frog approves of all of my choices.

Four brussel sprouts went in near the chives and then I cleaned up my mess and came in and took a long shower.

I love working in good soil, with healthy plants and cool winds.

What have you planted this weekend?



  1. I was supposed to, but it's not happening. Went to a Grass-fed Beef seminar all day yesterday.

    On Friday spent the whole day cleaning the barn, moving and weaning cows/calf, and moving a dead freezer from the cellar to the barn (to be used for grain storage).

    Because the cows are finally out of the barn, today I clean the chicken coop out thoroughly and put the mess in one of the cows' stalls to be composted by the pigs we will get in 10 days. That should do me in for the day.

    Here, we had 35F night before last, much too cold for many things yet.

    My sister comes for a visit on Tuesday and her wish is to plant things. Well..... LOL

  2. Yesterday I planted Pruden's Purple and Moskvich tomato plants. I moved 7 spinach plants that over wintered in my low hoop and they seem to have survived the move. I also put in 6 Butter Crunch lettuce plants. Today, the San Marzano tomatoes need to go in as do the broccoli and patty pan squash seedlings. I planted corn two weeks ago and that may have been a mistake. I have one two rows of peas up and another two rows sprouting.
    Yes, yesterday was an awesome day.