Friday, May 4, 2012

Faces In the Field

Last night as I left the field, I changed my guess as to who was having the next calf.

I took one look at these teats and just knew this stumpy old fashioned type Hereford was next to calve.

I bet myself 25 cents that she was the absolute next one.

There were no calves in the field at 6 am, and I started to doubt my guessing game.

When I arrived tonight to check the herd on my way back home from work, here is what I found:

A very stocky bull calf.   He weighed 84 lbs and has white ears and four very cute white stockings.

I made him a steer and weighed him.

He was exhausted from being born and decided to lay back down as other cows came over to greet him.

I love it when I win my own bets.

I also love healthy stocky red calves.

What kind of calves are your favorite ?


  1. He's quite handsome! Since we have Holsteins, our are of course black and white. I prefer the ones that are mostly black. However...I think your red ones are so pretty, with their white faces.

  2. my favorite calves are healthy ones.Not to pick but with her teats so engorged and "stumpy" as you call them , is he able to suck OK?I have had a few have trouble with an udder like that

  3. Look at the bag on that girl! He is a beautiful steer now? I didn't know that you "fix" them so young. We wait till our goats are about 3 mo old. Less problems with urinary probs.
    I love the Highland Cattle bestest of all. Their long bangs do it for me.;)

  4. I love them all but I tell you that is one cute steer. All our calves are adorable. Check out my blog if you haven't already.