Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Hay

Yesterday the farmer who owns the enormous fields across the road started cutting them.

The mower created delicious smelling art work on the landscape.

Later today the big trucks arrived to haul the fresh, sun dried, grass away after it was blown into them.

All this grass is being trucked to a dairy farm in the next town.

Down the road my herd ate their fast growing grass.

Green is the color of today here in Vermont.

 This morning when I went to check on the herd, all I could hear was the ripping up of grass by the cows.

Tonight the air has a wonderful aroma of fresh cut hay.

Oh Yeah, this guy still has no name.  I have been calling him Poop Head, because of the way he landed here. He is a week old today and much cleaner.

If you had this calf, what would YOU name him?


  1. Doesn't the grass need to dry out before it gets trucked to the dairy?

  2. Gipper just popped into my mind ... or Pooper. His legs are so long, maybe Stilty!

  3. Hay already? Wow! We don't start first crop until the middle of June and sometimes we don't get a second. Just depends. Love all of the birds at the chicken swap. We've just started calling them animal swaps because all kinds of critter show up.