Friday, May 18, 2012

Turkey Trot

Its that time of year again.
Turkeys are running all over the place.
Its hunting, breeding, nesting time and the big birds are in a frenzy.

Everywhere I go turkeys are running across the roads without looking.
I feel like I need bumber guards on my truck.
I like seeing the birds, especially after they hatch out their gigantic numbers of chicks and then entire families of 60 and 70 walk across the road.
Love seeing them up in trees eating fruit and bugs.  Love seeing their tracks in the mud, finding their feathers in the field and hearing them up in the woods.
However, I don't like it when they fly across the road and almost come through my windshield. It  happened twice this winter.  Very close calls.   Thank goodness for good brakes and quick reflexes.
Turkeys are part of the rural landscape and I enjoy their presence.
Have you had a turkey encounter lately?


  1. We've had turkeys here for years. They are in the yard most of the year, but most especially during hunting season. People say turkeys are dumb, and in many ways they might be, but by hanging around within 500' of a dwelling, they won't get shot.

    BUT because they are so close, DH is more often than not awakened at 5AM by some jake calling under the window. He says it's not a pleasant alarm clock....

  2. Son in Maine had a turkey encounter while driving out his driveway the other day. Stopped to see, and the mother squawked and waggled her 'broken' wing, and the little ones all crouched together in a fuzzy pile. He went over and picked up a baby or two to 'see' and said they were soooo cute. A couple years ago, my FIL here in PA had few turkeys come around. They stayed around his car, and wouldn't let him get in the driver's side! He had to get in the passenger side and they were OK with that! He'd get back home, and they would come to greet him...and make him get out the
    passenger side. Even if he backed in, they knew...