Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Long Red Line

Its a great time to be a cow. The grass is tall, the sky is blue the streams are crystal clear and cold.

The herd is grazing in a new field every day trying to keep up with the growing of the lush grass.

These are my favorite colors: red, white and green.

*Thanks to all who responded about the big snake who is now living in my garden with all her 12 inch babies.


  1. Yes, that picture is pretty special.
    By the way, in elementary school I hit an older boy with a baseball bat because he was going to kill a Milk Snake. If you tire of having it around, ship it to me.

  2. ahhhh aren't calves just the cutest things ever?

    love these pics...

    happy spring!

  3. Indeed it is! And what lovely looking cows they are!

  4. Charming♫ The green looks lush and inviting, meanwhile, it has just started snowing here in Chicagoland. Happy Sunday♥

  5. Remarkable photographs...

    And a Refreshing post for the letter R...

    Thanks for linking...