Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I found a new fella in the field this afternoon.
It was a rainy, snowy, cold day to be born, but he is doing just fine.

His mom is the cow who lost her calf (Tiny Tim) when the Hoop barn collapsed February 6, 2011 in the blizzard, when all the snow turned to ice.

He is a petite 77 pounds, but he can run as fast as the bigger ones!

As I checked out every single cow to see who would be calving next....

this is my guess:

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Congrats to all the livestock and other animals who are delivering their offspring unassisted and in all kinds of weird weather.



  1. if yours are anything like mine , the one just behind you , and to the left of the one you are watching will sneak one by you ! LOL they are looking good

  2. My guesses are never very good. The cow that has bagged up and is loose as a goose doesn't calf until after the one we weren't sure was even pregnant. I like surprises. We have one to go....