Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 pm DUCK Report

Rudy & Agnew here, your official Vermont Weather Ducks reporting!

The snow is coming down hard again with some slight wind.

There is 7.4 inches of snow here and it is 30 degrees at the coop with 77% humidity.

It has been a long, exhausting day here.   Quack.

The snow has again buried all the grass so we are considering going to nest very shortly.

Its time to eat and rest up for tomorrows weather reporting.  There is another storm coming.

 We hope you haven't been caught in a blizzard where you are.

Both my brother and I are surprised we only got 7 inches of snow as "other" weathermen were predicting 12- 14 inches for our area.        They are real quacks if they were that far off in their predictions!

 We like the snow.  Especially if we can find some grass and get treats along our special pathways.
Our natural "snowshoes" allow us to walk comfortably on the snow if it is not too deep.

 Glad we do not have chicken feet.....

The only thing good about chicken feet is that they can perch... and that's it.

 The snow was coming down so hard a few minutes ago that we could barely see across the field.

The deer are napping in the woods.

We are going to be napping soon too.

Hope you have enjoyed the DUCK Report.

Good Night.



  1. Love your weather reporters!! Great pics- and such a companionable group of birds!

  2. Came over from Coffee with the Hermit! I love it and will spend many happy hours reading all your older posts. Quack! :0)

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  3. Wow, the snow is really coming down! Your red coop is so cute. The ducks look adorable peeking out from inside :)

  4. LOVED the Weather Duck Reports!! Nice early morning read with the great pics!!

    The storm hit here in Western Mass during the night. We got 6 - 8" but then it turned to sleet and got packed down during the day.

    DH tried to clear the chicken pen with the snowblower, but it didn't work very well. They have a small area cleared for them.

  5. :) So cute! What is it about ducks that instantly makes me smile?!
    I would love to have you share this next week on Wildcrafting Wednesdays! Please stop by to vote for your favorite post on our People's Choice Awards at:

  6. I love your Weather Duck reports. Lovely little guys! Great hens and dog as well. I hope the weather is better now and all animals well. I wish you and the animals a Happy New Year!