Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Fences

Please do not think that every day is a foggy fency day here in Vermont.

I just happen to drive around a lot on foggy days and take photos of fences and farms.

 On days like this, all photos appear just black and white.

I often hope a red cardinal will enter and fly by or sit on a fence as I am looking at scenery, but so far it has not happened.

My favorite trees are birches.  I have a genetic disposition to love them and they have a very important meaning to my family.
I am also a big Bev Doolittle fan so whenever I see a birch tree group I think of her and try to "see" other things in the woods.
Fortunately, I was an early fan of hers and have a few small pieces of art.

Do you have any Bev Doolittle art?
Or are you making your own ?
Take a look at her website and tell me what you think.


  1. love the photos.. they lend a sense of peace...
    have not heard of Bev Doolittle but just checked her paintings and they are beautiful..
    visiting from Alphabe

  2. Her page didn't load, it said Directory Listing Denied.

    Birch trees are very beautiful, esp those white trunks in contrast to everything else around them!

    That's pretty much what it looks like around here, too, so I know what you mean! =)

  3. Lovely captures. I wish you all the best in 2013. Happy New Year!

    Wavy Clouds

  4. Your photos make me think that there is a beautiful green world just sleeping right now under the snow and cold. Every season has beauty. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

    And, may I just say your cows are gorgeous and Mavis the dog is a real little beauty!

  5. I love the stark beauty of the winter landscape...for a while. Then I long for color!

  6. sure is beautiful. :)

    i did a couple of posts of my horses in the trees that folks compared to bev doolittle works. :)

  7. nice views. the hubby & i have been to vermont, it was green & gorgeous!! i also was there with friends as a teen & it was fabulous then too. cold but green!! ha. ha!! ( :

  8. Yep...winter is pretty much black, brown and white! Nice shots!

  9. Love the scene in the first shot!
    Birch trees are my favorite. If I could afford to I'd plant a small grove of them on our land. :)

  10. I like birches, too. Especially in the fall with their golden leaves. Nice shots.

  11. I love these scenes! Perfectly beautiful.

  12. beautiful photos. i've not heard of bev doolittle, i'll have to check the link :)

  13. Winter snaps sometimes seem so stark and lonely to me. I haven't heard of Bev, will check her out.

  14. Love to see the snow-covered countryside.

  15. Nice shots of the foggy days. Fog can be even more elusive when the camera in involved.

  16. What fantastic captures!

    I love foggy days. We rarely see them here in Arizona.

    There's something so poignant about the fog. It makes me think and dream and remember.

    I've not heard of Bev Doolittle, but I'll go click the link.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year (a little late but sincere nevertheless!)