Monday, December 17, 2012

Mule Monday

The snow has changed the landscape.

Barns, horses and mules look great with a dusting of snow.

 As the snow came down harder, the drakes high feathered it directly to the coop.

They have no tolerance for snow.

I am stunned by this as so many of my friends have ducks who actually enjoy the snow.

Do your ducks like the snow ?

The pullets were stranded on the porch refusing to walk to the coop.
They looked like they were waiting for a taxi to whisk them right to their coop doorstep.

Eventually I herded them off the porch and along the garage where there was minimal snow and they zoomed into the coop.

Everyone is tucked in for the night. The snow has turned to sleet and the roads are a bit icy, but it makes all the lights on the Christmas trees outside of the little village stores look even better.

This "winter mix" of rain, sleet and snow should end by the afternoon.

Did you get the snow?  How much?


  1. Everything does look pretty covered in snow. We don't have any snow here in MO. If we do get snow, it's usually later in January or February.

    I love your chicken coop! It's so cute :)

  2. Here in Western Mass we just got a dusting. Then it turned to ice. The ice was real pretty, especially on tall weeds and grasses. There was probably 1/4" of ice.

    I've yet to have a flock of hens that would walk through snow, even for their beloved fish breakfasts. We end up shoveling or snowblowing a space in their pen and covering it with stockpiled leaves. The coop is far too small to just leave them to their own devices. We'd end up with some bad problems if we did.

    And waiting for a taxi to take them to the coop, I can just hear the comments from them now, as you made them walk in the snow. Of course they wanted a taxi: You! LOL

  3. My chickens hate the snow too :) I would love to have you link up to Wildcrafting Wednesdays! It won't be up and running until tomorrow morning, but you can visit my blog at:

    Hope to see you there!

  4. Thanks for visiting me at
    I love your stories about the animals...especially the silly squirrel :)

  5. Here on an island on the ME coast, we got a dusting and then a day of rain and wind. Yuck! My birds chose to stay in.
    I shovel out my chicken pen and put down some hay or straw. I scatter cracked corn on it which gives them something to scratch for. They also eat some of the hay.

  6. It's on it's way. Cold weather is still hard for me to get used to, but I'm working on it. :)

    Visiting you today from Thursday's Favorite Things.

  7. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!!!!! Now following....... =) thanks for stopping by my blog. Merry Christmas!