Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pooped Out, in the Field

I see the strangest things some days.

Today it was a honey wagon stuck up to its axles in soft ground, out in the middle of a field.

 I just had to get closer.

I just had to chuckle.

And wonder HOW it was going to get removed from the field without wrecking the land.

Sure enough,  another tractor arrived, pulling another honey wagon and some big chains to pull the first wagon out.

I would of taken more photos but I was tying up traffic on the rural road.

Everyone was watching the #$@^ entertainment.

Seen anything "different" in your neck of the woods this week so far ?


  1. LOL. That was truly a sensory bonus - sight AND smell! I always wonder too when these huge tractors get stuck, who is going to pull them out!

    At the Amish barn raising, the horses were not put in pasture together, but were tied individually. Thanks so much for stopping in at Cranberry Morning!

  2. What a sad sight. If only farmers would go back to deep litter in their barns they would have something truly worthwhile to spread on their fields. The negatives of liquid manure are pointed out in the book Holy Shit. I really object to the modern method of producing milk anyway so I took a perverse pleasure in seeing this truck mired.

    1. I bought 3 copies of that good book earlier this year!!
      Judging from all the vehicles pulled up along the side of the road watching, many took pleasure in the ironacies of the situation.