Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Snow

A wonderful morning to wake up to. Big beautiful snow flakes on Christmas Day!

The flock was not as excited as I was.

The bravest red hen, Meverette, ventured outside for a few seconds.

The rest stayed inside and enjoyed their treats.

They had already looked outside, and checked the weather conditions and went back in.

Ziva flew out for 9 seconds and ran back in the coop.

 The ducks did a few laps around the house.

 They were not thrilled that all their grass was covered up.

I headed down to give the herd some treats.

They like the snow.

They were all very busy eating breakfast.

Gwen & Gracie came over to wish us a wonderful day.

 I hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas with friends and family.

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  1. I really just have to ask, is your hen house always that tidy? My hens make a terrible mess in their house even though they have the run of the garden as well. They just seem to poo everywhere! Do you remove/change your shavings every day? Thanks. Hope you're having a very happy Christmas!