Thursday, December 27, 2012

2 pm DUCK Report

Rudy and Agnew, the Vermont Weather Ducks, are back now reporting the 2 pm update.

Much has happened since the 9 am Duck Report!  Quack.

As the wild birds and the brave red hen, Meverette, enjoyed snacks on the porch, Agnew and I, Rudy, went up to the garden for lunch. For a Quack snack.    Quack.

We love snacking on the Brussel sprout trees that grew in the garden.
They are still green and delicious.   Quack.

There is 6.5 inches of snow.  Quack.
It is now 32 degrees and 79% humidity.

Just as we were about to split a brussel sprout we heard the red hen in distress. Quack!

She had tried to follow us and the snow was too deep and her feet got cold and she was clucking loudly.

My brother and I quickly switched from Weather Ducks to Rescue Ducks and raced to her assistance.

We went to her and guided her all the way back to the porch.

 Its easier to navigate through the snow if someone waddles with you.

 We brought her right to the porch steps, which had been covered in snow within minutes of Janis shoveling them for the 3rd time today.

 When the hen ran up onto the porch is when we noticed that the snow was even with the first step and we could walk right up the steps and onto the porch too !! Quack quack quack!!!

We waddled back and forth across the porch and ate the spilled birdseed from the bird feeder.
Those chickadees are messy birds.  Quack.

Janis does not like us on the porch.  She says we make a mess.
We tried to be quiet on the porch but Agnew waddles really loud and just as we were about to lay down under the chair we heard this big noise......

....and saw this big silver monster come into the yard.  Quack Quack!
We jumped off the porch and stood silently by the porch until the long scarey hose and the big truck left.

Just as we jumped back on the porch, another big scarey green truck arrived.  We dived off the porch and waddled fast over to the bushes.  Quack Quack!

It looked like it was going to attack the chicken coop so we waddled over there and stood our ground!!


It got too close so we jumped back into the coop. Quack Quack!

 When the green monster left we came out of the coop and found much of the snow gone and the grass had come back!
Quack Quack!!
Lots of cold green grass to graze on.

Then we heard a bad noise in the sky. 
Us Weather Ducks have to be aware of predators in the sky while we are out observing the weather conditions and snacking on grass..  Hawks fly around this area. Eagles are here too. They eat ducks.
This time it was just a loud crow telling us he had found some good seeds to eat.

The red hen was grazing and the other blonde hens were standing in the coop doorway watching .

 The three of us enjoyed the good greens as it continued to snow.

 We waddled all the way to the road and looked down it to see if there was more grass down there.  There was not.   Quack.

We waddled behind the coop to see if there were any good snacks in the compost pile.
I guess we ate all those yesterday.  Quack.

Only thing back here are lonely tomato cages.

As we came by the coop again, two more blonde hens joined us to graze on the green grass.

 The brunette hens won't leave the coop.  And they aren't laying eggs either.  I do not know what they do.


The snow is piling up again.

7 inches now of snow and the wind has subsided.

The side field is beautiful.

 The sumac berries on the trees are almost ready to eat.

There is a beach tree by the coop that has not dropped its leaves yet.

Janis says that beach trees are the most romantic trees in the woods because they "never let go, they never give up."         If they had berries for us to eat we would like them too.   Quack.  But they only have leaves.

Rudy & Agnew, your Vermont Weather Ducks, signing off for a few hours.

We will be back to report again at 6 pm.


  1. these are wonderful photos!!!Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  2. Stopping by from the blog hop. Your pictures are gorgeous. We live in rural GA and know there is much beauty in nature.

  3. Your cute little ducks are very busy, even in the winter! Thanks so much for sharing on the Winter on the HomeAcre Hop!

  4. Stopping by from Winter on the HomeAcre blog hop! I first time linking up! We have 2 Pekin ducks. They're such a riot, huh? I love the weather report. We're in Maine...and the ducks (and chickens) haven't been so keen on getting out in the cold weather, but the last few days they've been out-and-about again.

  5. Made me laugh! :) Intelligent ducks, yes they are. At least they aren't scared of the snow like my chickens!

  6. They are the best reporters I have read! Very engaging ducks!

  7. Rudy and Agnew, you did a great job with your weather report -- and especially the Big Rescue! You are two brave ducks! I guess the green monster ate the snow and left you some Quack Snacks! (I think you guys should have little wool slippers to keep your feet warm while you're snacking in the snow! Tell your mommy....)

  8. very funny! I like how everyone gets together and helps each other out! {:-Deb

  9. From Weather Ducks to Rescue Ducks to Guard Ducks... You guys really are incredible!

    Please tel Janis that what she said about beach trees is really inspirational!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "I".