Monday, March 11, 2013

Mule Monday

Often as I drive up Route 5, on the Connecticut River side of the state, I glimpse this unusual odd couple.

 The small white Arabian pony and the giant draft mule are a well known landmark in the village.

I frequently visit and photograph them.

I just can't help myself. 

Let me introduce you to Pearl, the Mule and her sidekick Charlie the pony.

If you ever visit Vermont you will probably see them and smile.

Make sure you have horse treats in your pocket because they greet you and ask......

Got apples ?

So I ask you:

Got MULE ?


  1. awwww...they are so cute. they deserve many apples.

  2. Soooo cute! Thanks...your post made me smile on a gloomy Monday...:))))

  3. Love it! Yes, they are very photogenic.. beautiful photos! -Tammy

  4. I love this stories and the photos. I would love for you to come and share it on my weekly link up that just went live.

    Feel free to link up to 3 posts!

  5. I would have expected the horse being white to be named Pearl! LOL

  6. I don't have a mule, but I do have a donkey that, Lord willing, will be bred to a stallion and give us a hinney next spring. I'm excited.

  7. Fun stuff there...They look happy together.

  8. Beautiful :) I especially like their expressions waiting on apples. LOL.

  9. What a cute pair. Great shots. Would love for you to stop by and share.

  10. Cute pictures!! They sure do have that "Got Treats?" look don't they? :)