Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wall Cows

All fine Vermont homes have cows on their walls.

While visiting a new friend I happily noticed that this home is no different.

I learned that the artist who painted these cows is a farmer who is trying to rebuild his 200 year old barn from the bottom up.  He does not live very far from me.

The old barn needs a new foundation.

I just learned that he has a studio on the front of his house. I am sure the paintings are a way to raise money for his barn project.

I do intend to go take a few photo of the barn repair in progress and perhaps go look at his art.

I will try to leave my wallet at home....

Got cows on your walls ?



  1. Yup, I sure do have cow prints in my home. The cow painting is wonderful, I hope the farmer is able to come up with the funds to repair his 200 year old barn. Keep us posted. Is it snowing in your neck of the woods? Have a good evening, Julie.

  2. No, no cows out here in the rainy dreary Pacific NW. The only one I know who has cows decorating their walls is the vet I take my cat to. They have animal theme sxamine rooms. They are either cows, pigs or reptiles. Personally, I wish they would replace the lizards with some nice sheep or some mean geese. We usually get the pig room and, frankly always feel a bit stigmatized by being stared at by so many beady eyes peering at us. I try to remind myself that pigs are one of the smartest animals out there, it helps a bit, but the you still feel you were given this room to communicate a certain subliminal message to you.
    I would have to say most of my wall art & decor. are rooster, hens or sort of bird. I have had many visitors comment their feeling about my choices. Rooster & hens (usually people refer to them generically as "Chickens") appear to be a polarizing theme. Either they love 'em or hate 'em with a passion for some reason. I enjoy them regardless of other peoples' subdued apppreciation.
    The farmers' cow paintings are pretty nice. I like the idea of you visiting his barn to take photograps rather than risking life & limb being tossed out of a moving car for the nice barn you posted about last week. It sounds like this location actually has somewhere to park your car & not be mowed down by oncoming traffic,
    It might be best not to have cash or credit on you when you visit his studio, because those cow paintings would be hard to resist if you meet the artist/farmer & see how badly he wants to get that foundation finished.
    All these years I have guessed that all
    fine Vermont homes would have paintings of Sugar Maples being tapped, a stilllife of jugs of maple syrup or chucks of delicious aged cheddar cheese. I had it all wrong - It was cows all along. Now that I think about it, the Ben & Jerry carton might have little cows on it.
    Thanks for another intresting, educational & fun post

  3. I have no cows in my home, but when we were house hunting many years ago, the agent showed us a home where I knew the owner loved cows--and probably more than anyone!! Her livingroom furniture had b&w cow splotches so it looked like faux cowhide. At the entry was a large fake cow. Her coffee and end tables had been painted with cow splotches and they had hooves! She had cow statuettes and decor all over. Her kitchen had cow canister set, cow dishes, cow curtains. Her diningroom was wallpapered with pasture scenes of cows. Her table cloth was covered in cows. The dining chairs had cow cloth seats.
    That isn't all. She had cow decor in the master bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Entering one bathroom alerted a cow statue which would moo and wag its tail. The toilet seat cover was the rear end of a cow!!!
    Now THAT'S a cow lover.
    We did not buy the house.

  4. No cows but lots of horses and chickens! LOL!!

  5. I don't currently have cows, but I'd definitely like one of his paintings! I like anything to do with Country life :)

    Happy WW :)


  6. No cows on the wall yet but horses and chickens and dogs! Thank you for sharing with Wildcrafting Wednesday!