Sunday, March 3, 2013

the Sussex Sisters

Meet  Ziva, Zora and Zara.  I affectionately call them the "Sistas."

If you haven't got any Speckled Sussex in your flock, get some.

Not only are they good layers of large brown eggs, but they are good bug killers.

In addition they are plenty comical too.

These 3 travel in their family pack.  Always.

Yes they will co mingle with the other hens in the flock, but if 2 of the hens decide to go to the garden or a jaunt to the mailbox, then the third must go too.

Of course that has some side effects.  this winter was their first. They experienced wind, cold rain, heavy snow, lots of snow and a minor blizzard.  When one hen decides its too wet, cold, snowy or foggy out and decides to stay in the coop all day or all week...well the other 2 stay with her.

For 4 full weeks this trio did not venture any further from the coop than the first step.

When they finally arrived on the porch 2 weeks ago, I knew spring was sure to follow.

Spring chicks are starting to hatch all over New England and I hope to get a few more of these productive, beautiful, comical chickens.

What are you favorite or most productive critter on your place ?


  1. I have three black chickens that stay together all the time also. Chickens are wonderful creatures....thanks for sharing yours...:)

  2. Would love some Speckled Sussex, and some Buff Sussex, too .. but I think we'll have to wait a while!

  3. ATM, the critters are hens or feline. And the most productive are the Cuckoo Marans. They consistently lay eggs that bottom out the egg scale, far heavier than x-lg. I get 3 - 4 of this size a day, but there's also Austrolorps laying one or 2 of them, but they are tan, not chocolate colored.

    In February I got 60 of these super large eggs, in addition to the regular x-lg. I got 31 from the Cuckoo Marans and 29 from Austrolorps. But there are only 4 Cuckoo Marans in the flock and 6 Austrolorps.

    Having said that, we did not order any Cuckoo Marans this year. We must order breeds that are dual purpose (meat/eggs) because the leftovers after culling for the new layer flock are the "broilers" for the next year.

    So next year's flock will be Austrolorps, Barred Rocks, and Delawares. And we've increased the number to 75, from 50 birds of past years.

  4. Those girls are beautiful!! :)
    My favorite AND most productive critter is my dairy goat Madeline!

  5. They are so cute! I have one speckled sussex and she is a beauty. We named her Tubs because she was a fat little chick :)

  6. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  7. Ah... a fellow Vermonter! Nice to find you (from Clever Chicks Blog Hop). Where in VT are you? We're in Windsor County.
    The Sistas are beautiful! I don't have chickens yet, but hope to start with my first small flock this Spring. The only thing I ever pin at Pinterest anymore has to do with chickens!
    Will stop by again...

    1. Pam, Where are you in Windsor County ?
      I use to live in Ascutney, now I'm up in Orange County and driving around the NEK.
      Go to the chicken swaps and meet some really nice, chicken crazy people! There is one in Springfield VT at Wellwood orchard in May I think, and many many moore all over VT and NH.
      Tractor Supply in Claremont NH will have one too.
      Happy potato month!