Thursday, March 7, 2013

Milk Storm

Every darn time I go get a gallon of raw milk, it starts snowing like crazy.

So far, since November, each time I make the long drive to my favorite Jersey cow farm Mother Nature has to throw down some white stuff at me.  Why ?

 Today was no different.  As I sat up on the hill looking at this barn down in the valley, I could see the snow moving in my direction.

I went into the farm store and they were out of raw milk. The refrigerator was totally empty. All the fresh eggs were sold out too. Not that I need any eggs. My girls are laying well.  I think they heard me ordering spring chicks last week and decided to double their output.

I drove all this way and have no good, fresh raw milk for my efforts.   
Guess I will not be making kefir this week.

 As I lamented about going home empty handed, the big puffy flakes of snow did a double dive and quickened the pace.

The weather vanes were getting difficult to see.

The cow was facing East towards New Hampshire.

The gaggle of geese weren't sure where to face and have no intention of goosing the cow.

Might be time to get my own milk cow.
I am favoring a Jersey or a Brown Swiss/Jersey cross.

Any other suggestions ?


  1. that is the same storm that hit us! ours is almost melted already but more is on the way.

  2. That is the most beautiful barn!

  3. I LOVE those weather vanes!! What beautiful snowy pictures, but then, I'm not driving in it!
    I have a suggestion...a dairy GOAT!! They don't eat as much, are easier to clean up after and I'm still getting almost 3 quarts of milk a day from my girl after almost 2 years of nonstop milking.

  4. Great post and beautiful pictures!
    I found you today thru the the Pinterest Power Power at The Taylor House, where I'm #79. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  5. Yes! I suggest you link up your raw milk story at

    That way my friends and readers can read your story! We haven't gotten hardly any snow in Kentucky. Send some our way!


  6. Great pics!!! Wow, maybe a cow:) Farm life is amazing!! Check out the Philly Flower Show here

  7. Love the double weather vanes. Too bad that you drove for no milk :(

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  9. Beautiful least you got something good out of the trip, eh? We had absolutely no snow this year...nor last year... We need to move to Vermont! :) This week's Homemaking Linkup is up and I would love to have you join, if you haven’t already.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  10. ahh yes, lovely "spring time" weather giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  11. I think old man Winter has heard that saying, "Got Milk" only he has changed it to "Got Snow". lol! Sure does make for pretty pictures. And boy do I ever love those weather vanes. Sorry that you didn't get any milk. Sometimes they bring cows into the lot on the W. side of my back yard. Wonder if I could try milking one? Thanks for sharing with SYC.