Thursday, March 1, 2012


Nothing worries me more than seeing a cow growing abundantly, 3 months before she is due to calve.

Yesterday, in the mud, I was able to get some decent photos of my oldest cow, Google, and her maternal silhouette.

Google's mother had several sets of twins in her 17 years and Google's niece had a set of twins 4 years ago.

So occasionally twins pop up.   When you least expect them........

I am hoping this is just going to be a 120 pound bull calf instead, but its too early for her to be this size and as you can see she is u-normous on BOTH sides.

Tell me what you think.

Is it twins?

or should I just calm down and go make some corn muffins ?



  1. our oldest cow Jessie who is 13 is always massive even after she has the calf people ask when she is due, thinking single just because hers always are and for your peace of mind as well :)

  2. Hard to say as she is an older cow, go make the corn muffins my friend, worrying about it won't change the results

  3. Well, whether it's twins or not, corn muffins never hurt...unless you burn them!!!

  4. Wouldn't a huge calf be harder for her to deliver?

    She sure is huge!!!!