Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art is Where you Find it

Occasionally I visit one of my neighbors.

I bring him fresh eggs.

He bakes.

He shares his creations.

Its a short drive and there are beautiful flowering trees on the way to his place.

 And there are some really nice wildflowers on the way up to his driveway.

The winters are long in Vermont.
Typically we have 7 months of winter and 5 months of bad sledding.

And Mother Nature has no humor.

When I walked into my neighbors yard I noticed right away that one of his wood stacks had fallen over one of those nights when the wind was howling at our doors.

It actually looked like art, the way it fell.

A few of his other stacks of wood were barely hanging on.

But I really did like the way the first pile had fallen with all the end of the wood reaching for the sky.

click on the photo to see a larger version.

His 4th pile of wood was leaning as well.

He gets some monster winds coming down the mountain in the back and I am surprised his house hasn't been blown off the foundation.

There were two more wood stacks piled away from the wind tunnel areas and THIS is how a properly stacked pile looks. (before winter comes again...)

How do you stack your wood?  In a design ?  In a pile ?  Or like the stack above ?


  1. I usually stack it in the basement with braces on each end. That reminds me, I need to call soon for this winter's wood. Ugh!!!

  2. HA!!! vermont humor...i am still laughing! i belong to the wood stack hall of shame.

  3. It does look like someone 'arranged' the wood like that! Wind can do some crazy things.
    How nice that you exchange eggs for baked goods, sounds like a win-win situation! :)