Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Wet View Today

We haven't seen the sun in 5 days.   Lots of rain and dark cloudy skies.

Some of the hens were camped out on the porch yesterday, not wanting to venture out into the rain.

They kept themselves amused.

Marilyn, the blonde hen, insists on sitting in my chair and peeking into the kitchen windows to see if anyone is headed her way with some treats.

When the rain slowed down, the flock got closer to the porch edge.

They almost left, but decided to wait, and good thing they did because it started to pour again.

The hens that stayed inside the chicken coop missed all the fun.

These porch hens got a few lasagna noodles and some left over boiled cabbage and rice to sustain them while they waited for the monsoon to stop.

Whats the weather like in your neck of the woods ?


  1. i wish i had hens on my porch! it poured here last night and i heard there was tons of lightening and thunder and i slept through it all! we are supposed to get more storms this afternoon. the gardens are very well watered now which is great because we have had a very dry spring.

  2. Gotta love Miss Marilyn...she acts like one of our barn cats...comes and sits on the porch, looking in the window like she's expecting something! We've had about enough rain now...a storm rolled through this morning, and chance of another this afternoon. I'd say 5" of rain in one week is plenty!

  3. It has been as wet in Maine as Vermont. Oh well, it is June in New England when we all grow webbed toes.

  4. I just love how your hens take shelter on the porch. It is so cute. We had a super hot day yesterday (high got to 96) but today it's nice and in the lower 80s. Trying to enjoy it before the humid Missouri summer hits us!

  5. How funny to see the chickens on the porch to stay out of the rain, pretty smart girls!
    Let's see, the weather here is hot, HOT and HOTTER with no rain predicted for another two to three weeks!!

  6. They are so cute waiting for the rain to stop. My chickens poop so much your porch would have been covered if they were there!

  7. Much the same, will have gotten something like 4" of rain this week. Still pouring now (6:30 AM) and due to pour all day.

    Cows haven't floated off yet. Nor the 78 broiler chicks on the back pasture. The 2 new piglets will be let outside today, but I wonder if they will go.

    It was cool enough here yesterday we lit the cellar stove to take off the chill.