Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Heifers

I noticed some new cows on the block this week.  An unused barn has new life again.

Its a mixed herd of heifers.

Some Holsteins and two Dutch Belted heifers too.

Its always nice to see an unusual breed of dairy cow still being used.

 They will be raised up and be in a dairy herd this time next year.

 There are lots of lush pastures around this barn that the girls will enjoy for many months.

All over the state there are farmers getting their equipment out of storage barns and getting them ready for the season of planting, haying and harvesting.

Hay equipment is being taken out and worked on.

Hay season came early this year because of all the rain and sunshine.  Usually haying is just a dream until July around here.

The way things look now, there will probably be 2 hay crops baled by July in some places.

Got any hay in yet?


  1. I like the looks of the Dutch Belted heifers. :)
    A few of the fields around here have been cut but they will grow more after our rains start next month.

  2. we finally got rain today! i am so happy!

  3. We are waiting till the rain stops last year we were cutting at this time this year it is cold and it looks like July for us too.
    Great shots. Love those Dutch cows:) B

  4. Everything is looking green...and those Dutch belted heifers look intriguing! We're finished with first cutting of hay, and second cutting will probably start in another week. The buds are forming already!

  5. This year has been so strange for weather. Many farmers have not planted yet (not sure if they will anymore this year...) because it's been so rainy.

  6. Very nice shots!!

    If you have not done so yet, we would love to have you come share/link via our WWHop:
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  7. Hi! Love the cow & the dogs. Love the heifer barn, too. What kind of barn is it? I mean building-style-wise. The left side that is up, does it close in the winter, or are there stall doors under the overhang? Just curious. I just enjoy seeing old barns with character. I feel sad when I see old barns neglected and tumbling down.