Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flying Chicken Tractors

We have experienced some severe Thunderstorms the past few afternoons.

Yesterday the sky turned black and a huge gust of wind blew the chairs, plants and hens off the porch.

It was a microbust that had the trees bending over and all kinds of debris flying through the air.

It looked a little like the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz around here, for a few moments.

I got away from the windows.

Then the rain came hard and fast.

As soon as it subsided I ran outside to check on hens and vehicles.

I found the 2 Comet chicks walking around the yard, confused.  They were suppose to be in the chicken tractor....

As I walked towards the chicken coop I saw the "chicken Winnebago" tipped over and stuck in the water ditch.

I am very surprised that it wasn't picked up and taken further away, like my chairs were.

Thankfully, the big white pen blew over and the chicks walked out, unharmed.

I tried to upright it, but it was too heavy and awkward for me to be able to do alone.

I made a phone call to my 2 garden pals and they came and up righted it quickly.

Some minor damage was fixed and the 2 Comet chicks put back in.

More storms coming this afternoon too.
So, I have to find a way to secure the chicken tractor so it doesn't end up flying to the next town.

Have you been getting severe weather where you are?


  1. Wind has always been a problem here. For that reason, I'd not use the lightweight PVC for any structure.

    Even in severe weather, and we often have micro bursts here (about 1 every year or 2), all our structures have stayed where they belong.

    During Irene we did take the precaution of strapping down the mobile coop and putting the chickens in the cold room for the duration. We did not get the 80 mph winds predicted tho.

  2. I am glad your chickens are okay!
    Last week we had a lot of thunderstorms, but not damage, thank goodness.

  3. wow! those microbursts sure are powerful. i am so glad none of the chickens were hurt!