Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Field Surprise

Its always nice getting an early morning phone call saying " One of your cows had a calf this  morning."

Its even better to go and try to find it in the large grassy field.

With the severe thunderstorms we got yesterday evening the barometer dropped and so did this big 100 lb heifer calf.

Gracie was still cleaning the calf off when I arrived.

A proud mom, a full udder and a healthy calf.

She is still trying to figure out how to use her long legs to stand up.

Name suggestions ?

Prefer a " G " name.

Gracie's 2012 calf was named " Glennie."  Some off you have been following her antics this past winter.

More photos tomorrow!


  1. gertrude...gerty for short. she is beautiful!

  2. How beautiful!

    Gwendoline :) x

  3. She is adorable!! How about Glynda after the good witch in Wizard of Oz?

  4. Gwendolyn...Gabrielle...Gena...Gertrude...

  5. Gema...GENEVIÈVE...GENEVIÈVE...Godiva...greta ...Grace...Gilda...Gillian...Giselle,...Gloria...
    Glory...Gretchen...Guadalupe...GUENIÈVRE ..GWENNETH ..Gwynn...

  6. Great pics, must be amazing to experience! Gladys or Gideon are nice names :) Danica

  7. This little calf was born to Gracie during severe weather so she has to be "Gale" surely?
    Gracie, Glennie and Gale!

  8. hmmmm..i thought i left a comment but now i don't see it. how about gertrude? gertie for short!

  9. I like Rambler suggestion she will also have a story to go with her name. Thanks for linking up on Tuesdays With a Twist and the smile you gave me seeing these pictures.

  10. Awwww, so cute :) I like all those names. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday :) Hope to see you again tomorrow at: