Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kindness Begins in the Field

Two of my hardest working local farmers have been really kind to me over the past several years.  They put up with my bad jokes, my long stories and ongoing duck, car and garden disasters. Peggy is also our local village librarian and continually keeps me reading exciting mystery books, farming magazines and new gardening books.

So, when I finally planted my garden I drove my extra plants (plus rhubarb) down to them for their garden, which they have had no time to plant yet.  The crazy weather and all their farm chores prevents them from doing any of the normal activities that we all take for granted.

Their fields had to be chopped to make straw before 5 more days of rain came and ironically when the rain comes and the barometer drops, lots of calves arrive too!

They really have their hands full.

So as the weather got colder and damper, they were chopping their ryegrass late into the evening.

I went and got a big pizza and we had a pizza and lemonade party out in the wet field, while the millions of hungry mosquitoes sucked our blood.

I had been craving pizza for months.  And apparently it is Larry's preferred food.

A spontaneous field party is good for the soul. 

Try to have one where you live.


  1. what fun! that was such a nice thing to do!

  2. that is my idea of fun, spontenous reaction, feels rewarding.:)

  3. Neighborliness is a mighty fine thing♫ My letter E:

  4. sounds like a nice party. Great pics. {:-Deb

  5. I love rural stories. We live beside a farm ourselves and I write rural novels.

  6. Sounds absolutely perfect in every way!

  7. This reminds me of Ohio...

    Fields, food and friends!

    Excellent post for the letter "E"!

    Thanks for linking.