Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Duck Dilemma

Hormones are a horrible thing.

Since March my 2 beloved male Silver Appleyard ducks have been attacking and irritating all my hens.  Their male hormones have been raging OUT OF CONTROL, as nature intended this time of year.

My 6 hens have duck wounds on their shoulders and missing numerous feathers everywhere on their bodies.

The flock has spent most of their days hiding up on the back porch, away from the mate crazed ducks.

The porch got messy, the hens egg laying abilities deteriorated and the 2 ducks turned into little monsters.

I penned the boys up in a special duck area, but they continued to escape by climbing up on top of each other to boost themselves over the fences. These ducks are too smart.

I also had to trim their wings to prevent them from using the wind to aid them in their escapes over the fences.

When the ducks did escape, the hens screamed and ran with the ducks chasing them til they caught them and then I would be running after them with a broom to keep them off the hens and then trying to herd the testosteroned twosome back to the coop to lock them up.

They didn't get to free range and forage anymore as they were obsessive about raping the hens.

They were miserable.
 I was miserable .
The hens were miserable.

They needed female ducks.

My 4 female ducklings never arrived in April and there is a backlog of orders so I imagine my order will eventually get canceled.  With this in mind, I knew I had to find some adult female ducks for the boys.

I put an ad on craigslist and within an hour I had a reply from a woman who had 2 white pekin ducks that were suppose to be a male and female pair...but the male turned into a female.

She wanted two males.

So with a heavy heart I decided she could have my beloved boys.

She drove right over from New Hampshire and picked up Rudy and Agnew.

It was love at first sight.

Into the duck transport cage they went.

In less than an hour the boys would be married and settled.

A few days after they left, I got several photos of them at their new abode.

They were swimming in their pool with their new mates and looked very content.

All is calm here, finally.
The hens are off the porch.
Egg production has increased.
Their wounds are healing.
I no longer have to gallop across the lawn, screaming, with a broom.

I miss the boys, especially when I see snails invading my garden.

But I know they are much happier where they are. *sniff*


  1. Now they have love in their lives--and proper mates!

  2. i wish most men were that easy to get rid of!

  3. Aw, they were only doing what comes naturally. Although they did go A and B the C of D!!

  4. Aw, I've so enjoyed following the little duck adventures around your farm. I'm sure that was such a bittersweet parting ... I do hope you find replacements soon.

  5. I'm so sorry you weren't able to get those hens. I was so lucky when I ordered Holderread ducklings. I got one drake and four ducks. This year they are out doing themselves laying big eggs and I've hatched lots of ducklings. The ducks are finally trying to sit in a spot I approve so they can raise their own brood.

    I had the same problem a couple years ago. I got two ducks and both were males. I gave one away and the one I kept was quite attached to a Bourbon Red Tom. But he did like to go after one hen in particular. I loved to watch him walking around with the turkey flock but when I got Appleyard ducks I decided that he had to go as I wanted to raise pure bred Appleyards.

    I hope your friend will have some excess for you.

  6. Ducks can be challenging ;-) I'm glad they are happy now! Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday! Hope to see you again today at:

  7. "For sale: two overly amorous ducks" Not a strong selling point, perhaps.

  8. What a zoo! HAH! I'll bet those hens are glad they are gone...

  9. so sorry the boys are gone, but it sounds like they have a nice home. And the two friends are still together. That was nice you didn't split them up! {:-Deb

  10. That very first duck shot is fabulous!!!!

  11. I don't think they were ever going to be happy until they met the right one!

  12. Those are some darling photographs...

    It sounds like that was a difficult decision for you to make...

    Delightful post for the letter "D"!

    Thanks for linking.