Friday, June 21, 2013

Jungle Comet Chicks

In early May I got a few Comets at the local grain store.
They are also known as Red Sex Links
I had pre-ordered them in March.

They have been outside in my portable chicken tractor since calmer weather in late May.
So far they are still females.
I hear it is almost impossible for them to be males.  
We'll see what the future brings, since 70% of all my poultry turns into males, eventually....

With all the rain last week the grass has been growing in leaps and bounds and turned their play area into a jungle.

When I move the big pen to a new area I have to chop some of the grass down to get the pen to sit evenly on the ground.

When I put the chicks into the new pen area they explore every inch and climb the big limbs I put in there for them.

They find lots of bugs to eat and spiders to torture.

Hopefully by the end of August they will start laying some eggs, if they aren't crowing by then....

Here is what they looked like as baby chicks the day I picked them up.

How are your chicks all doing ?
How many roosters did you end up with ?


  1. What gorgeous girls (I'll be positive for you :) ) x

  2. Hello from WV. I am new to chickens this year. The science teacher at the school where my husband teaches decided to do a chick incubation project and that we could have the grown chicks. I was planning on it for some day, hadn't quite gotten ready for it to be now. SO - we got eggs from a friend and waited to see what we would have. We now have 15 birds that are 13 weeks old. 5 hens and 10 roosters. The boys will be departing shortly. The smallest buff hen will be glad to see them go. Lucky for her I allow them to free range out in the fenced wooded goat lot in the day time.

  3. I would have fun at your place with my camera. One hint--sun light bleaches color out so hazy days are best!
    check out my blog photos:

  4. This year we have 15 Delawares, 35 Austrolorps, and 25 Barred Rocks. So far, the 3 "extras" that McMurray includes look like they will be roosters. Ones a Barred Rock with the reversed rooster coloring, and the other is a Delaware. I think the 3rd was a bantam Delaware. It died recently.

    The grass grows so fast here, especially with the rain. Normally the cows can keep it mowed around the pen, but they have not made it to the back pasture yet.

    For chickens to move about easily, grass needs to be under 8" high. Also to keep pen fences on the ground it needs to stay under that.

    So far, the Delawares have far outstripped the other 2 breeds in growth. Too bad they are white, a predator attractant. They are an experiment with white birds here vs predators.

    Ours were hatched April 29 and we won't be expecting any eggs until well into Sept. and no serious laying until well into Nov.

  5. This is so cute! I used to live next door to a farm and often helped out there. Miss those days! Would love to have you share it at our Ladies Only Blog Share link party - which has a summer theme this week! Visiting from Social Sunday! :)